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Private Advising

Dr. Rose’s motivation, guidance, and mentorship were essential in my acceptance to medical school and progression into orthopedic surgery.
-M. K. Smith, MD, orthopedic surgery resident

There are many medical school applicants that want to do everything possible to optimize their ability to get into medical school. Just like soccer moms and dads, or basketball moms and dads, find a private coach to make their kids the best athletes that they can be, I am a private coach and mentor and want to coach you to be the best medical school applicant that you can be. Utilizing my numerous years of experience on admissions committees, and interviewing and advising hundreds of medical school applicants, I will advise you on how to create an edge with your medical school application. I will teach you how to take charge of your future. You will learn insider information and many of the secrets and tricks that will help you get into medical school. I want to be YOUR Medical School Coach. You can reach me at


The initial consultation is free. Fees are determined prior to the initiation of private advising. I create a personalized and custom program for every student that I work with. Fees are determined based on each student’s individualized program.



Dr. Rose has been extremely influential in my understanding and pursuit of the medical profession. His personal approach dispels many of the myths, misconceptions, and even superstitions so many of us premeds have. I have no doubt that this book will help me achieve my goal of getting into medical school.

D. Henry, premedical student