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The Book “The Medical School Coach: Waking Your Inner Doctor”

Medical School Coach Book
As a former Chairman of the Admissions Committee of the Regional Campus of the University of Miami School of Medicine and as a longtime member of the Admissions Committee of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine in Boca Raton, Florida, Gary Rose, MD, FACS, recognizes the skills, characteristics, and attitudes expected of a successful med school applicant. Now, he shares his insights in The Medical School Coach.

Make no mistake: this is not a “how to” book. Such books already exist—and, frankly, they do little more than explain what forms to fill out and what courses to take, while providing summaries of medical school statistics. That’s not what Rose offers.

Instead, the experienced physician and admissions committee member provides much more valuable information: how to acquire and develop the attributes, characteristics, and frame of consciousness that make the difference between good and great candidates for medical school. Not coincidentally, the qualities that make admissions committees sit up and take notice are also those that characterize the best physicians.

Written for today’s upcoming medical school applicants, this fascinating and informative guidebook is short, cogent, and to the point. Students can read any chapter, in or out of sequence, and come away with an invaluable lesson in becoming the best possible medical school candidate—and the best possible human being.

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Any student on the premed track absolutely needs to read this book. Without the instructions and knowledge provided by Dr. Rose, I wouldn’t have been accepted to medical school…I didn’t know the first thing about applying to programs, and Dr. Rose took me from a hopeful undergrad to a competent medical student.

J. Miller, medical student